John via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I need to translate a letter from English to German so I scanned the letter onto my computer and it is successfully saved as a PDF file. I have tried using Google Translate but although it tells me it is translating, nothing happens. I would appreciate your help.
Aunty Says:
Hello John. You will need to scan the document using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function of your scanner which is normally an available option just before you start the scan. You should then get the option to save the document to Word etc. in a text format which you can then copy/paste into Google Translate. There are plenty of websites out there that offer a free PDF translate service but be careful as nothing is free on the internet so there maybe payload of adverts and junk mail.


Vikki from Murcia asks:

Hi Aunty. I am having a problem trying to stop a website from appearing whenever I go on the Internet, it keeps popping up whatever I am doing and I have to close Chrome to get rid of it. I have also noticed my internet keeps slowing down and occasionally my computer will lock up and I will need to pop the battery out.

Aunty Says:

Hello Vikki From the link you sent me it looks like you may have a root-kit virus on your computer. Make sure you have an updated copy of MalwareBytes and do a full scan. Do the same with your antivirus program and let me know how you get on.


Bob from Quesada asks:

I have just recently bought a rather expensive Canon MG7750 printer but trying to get genuine cartridges locally seems to impossible. I don’t want to order them online as I’ve had a nightmare in the past with fake or faulty ink. I work with high quality photographs so I don’t mind buying genuine ones as they last longer, have better quality ink and are less likely to damage my printer..

Aunty Says:

If you don’t want to shop online Bob then try giving Pauline or Mike a call at (just around the corner from you in Montesinos) as they have good prices for most of the major models plus they are always in stock. I used to stick with originals but I’ve been trying out “compatibles” and have found the print quality has greatly improved and they seem to have far more ink.


Jim via email asks:

I can’t seem to get the email @ key on my keyboard to behave on my new Lenovo laptop, it does work but it seems to be in the wrong place.

Aunty Says:

Hello Jim. The ‘at’ sign (@) is in a different place on UK, US and Spanish keyboards and the most common problem over here is when the US keyboard setting is set instead of the Spanish one. Right click the start button and choose “Control Panel” “Change Imput Method” “Add a Language” and expand the “Spanish (international sort)” from the list and set it as the default. Don’t forget you will need to hold down the ‘Alt GR’ key and press the ‘2’ key to get the @ key.

Well that’ll do for another week, email you questions to and I will see what I can do.