Megan via email asks:
A few weeks ago you mentioned how one could get your column automatically sent to ones email. I spend a lot of time back and forth to the UK and I don’t always get to see a copy of the paper.
Aunty Says:
Hi Megan. Go to enter your email address and click on the “subscribe” button and hey presto.

Vince from Montesinos asks:
I have an old HP Photosmart 1115 printer which has always worked with my old tower but now I have a new laptop with Window 10 and when I plugged the printer in I get a message that there are no drivers available. I’m sure you have covered this in the past so do you know a way of getting it working or is it ready for the bin?
Aunty Says:
Hello Vince. From what I can see from the HP website they didn’t release a driver for Windows 10 but it’s not really surprising as that model of printer is over 15 years old! I also noticed that there aren’t even drivers for Vista or Windows 7 so you won’t be able to trick Windows 10 into installing older drivers. Time for a new printer I’m afraid.

Mark from Orihuela asks:
Hi Aunty, I do hope you can help me.  When using my Gmail through Google Chrome I keep getting error messages saying ’Operation Aborted’ and when this happens my emails take at least 10 minutes to send. I have speed tested my connection and it is 20Mb download and 4Mb upload. I’m on Fiber and was told by a friend to stop using the Windows 10 Mail app and to use Webmail instead because it is much safer and faster. What exactly is webmail and how do I go about downloading it?
Aunty Says:
Hello Mark. Because you are accessing your Gmail through Chrome you are already using webmail. Webmail is simply accessing your email via your browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer) instead of using an email apps such as Windows Mail, Outlook or Incredimail. You don’t need to download anything as you simply go to the Gmail website (or Hotmail or Yahoo mail etc) and login to retrieve/send your emails.

Peter via email asks:
Dear Aunty, I’m sure you have mentioned this before so I apologize in advance. When I try to open a news letter attached to an email from my Lodge in the UK I get a message that “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action” I hope it’s not too complicated as I am fairly new to laptops.
Aunty Says:
Hi Peter. I have covered this before but it is always popping up. You will sometimes see this message when Windows does not know what to do with a particular file, and as yours is a PDF file, then you will need to download and install the free Adobe Reader from but do remember to untick the two “optional offers” boxes.

Any questions then email me at and I will see you all next week.