Robin via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I have a Lenovo laptop with Google Chrome as my browser. If I want to use a website regularly, can you please explain how to get its address on the desktop as a shortcut? I thought it was just a matter of right clicking on the address line when the website was open, but I don’t get the option I’m looking for.
Aunty Says:
Hello Robin. The way I have always done this (which may not be the best way) is to right click on an empty space somewhere on my desktop and choose “New” and “Shortcut”. Here you will be able to copy and paste the https://www bit from the address bar in Chrome and also give the new shortcut icon a name.

Ray via email asks:
Helllo Aunty, I have a Dell Inspiron computer which is 18months old and served me well until recently. When I first open up it shows “no internet connection”.  Then if I close the PC down or use restart it opens as normal.  Advice from Dell was to uninstall something called Megawarebytes but doing this made no difference. Your help would be appreciated.
Aunty Says:
Hi Ray. There is an option in Windows to allow your network device to put the computer into & out of sleep which may be the cause of this. It is a fairly simple but longish procedure so take your time and follow these steps. Right click on the Start icon (bottom left corner) and click on “Device Manager” Click on the “+” to the left of “Network adapters” to expand the category. Double-click your network card and then the “Advanced” tab. Look for anything with “Wake On” or “Sleep Mode” and click on it and change the value to “disable”. If all this seems a bit daunting Ray then, as it’s doing no harm (other than to your sanity) you could maybe just live with it? Or give Phil a call on 687362844 as he can maybe talk you through it.

David from Albir asks:
 Dear Aunty, when I enter the 4th letter of my log in it types gk/md which won’t delete on my account, and also if I try to log into my administrator account (which gives me the option of resetting my password but I have not done this in case my PC has a virus). I did get in once with Windows plus R, but now I can’t. Please help!
Aunty says:
Hello David. I’m not 100% sure what could be causing this to be honest. Does the same 4th letter also type that odd character if you were typing and email or maybe writing a letter? The Windows key plus the R key starts the Windows Command Prompt and again I’m not too sure why you would need this procedure to access your computer.

That’s all for this week people, please email me your questions to  and I will see what I can do.