Maggie via email asks:
Hello Aunty, I hope you can help me. I recently did an update on my Acer aspire and my cursor has disappeared completely! I have tried taking the battery out then restarting. I have pressed the fn key and F7 but all to no avail. Thanks in anticipation.
Aunty Says:
Hello Maggie. This sounds like a typical software/driver problem so you may need to go to the support page on the Acer website and download the latest drivers. It’s not that difficult and if there is more than one make/model of touchpad listed for your laptop then simply try each one.

John from Los Balcones asks:
Hi aunty love your page in the Costa Blanca People and I have found it very helpful, especially for Virus Protection. I have 2 problems that I hope you can help with. I have just  got the new windows 10 updates no problem, but  when I  try to access some files I keep getting a message “UNAUTHARISED CHANGES BLOCKED” and it says “Controlled Folder Access Blocked C:\program file. I have to cancel this message before I can carry on which is a bind. The other problem is on my phone. I have  downloaded Google Chrome  as my  browser but since then I have this app called CHROMES  which seems to mess up my phone and makes it slow etc. What is Chromes and how do I get rid of it? Many thanks and keep up the good  work.
Aunty Says:
Hi John. This could be Windows Defender getting a bit confused and over protective. Go to “Settings”  “Update & Security” “Widows Defender” and open “Windows Defender Security Center”. Click on the “Virus Protection & Threat Settings” and scroll down to the bottom and switch off “Controlled folder access” I’m not 100% sure what Chromes is but I remember one of the cheaper phone manufacturers bundled an app called Chromes that caused all kinds of problems and was a bugger to get rid of. Is it a Doogee brand phone John?

Ray via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I read your comments about uninstalling anything to do with Advance System Care & IObit apps. I use them all the time but now you have spooked me! I also use AVG antivirus, what do you recommend? many thanks for your time and information.
Aunty Says:
Hello Ray. I would definitely recommend uninstalling anything to do with IObit od Advanced System Care as I have seen numerous problems caused by these apps, including downloading and installing spyware onto your computer. AVG has gotten a little bit bloated and slow lately so I still champion the Microsoft Windows Defender that come bundled with Windows 10.

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