Peter from Cabo Roig asks:
Hola Aunty, I’ve just realised that my laptop has Bluetooth already built into it and I’m told I can use this to transfer photos and also backup my phone onto my computer? I discovered I had Bluetooth accidently because I saw a small blue B icon in the bottom corner which I’d never noticed but must have always been there so I clicked on it but how do I start the connection to my phone? I have a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 and a Samsung phone.
Aunty Says:
Hello Peter. If you click on the “Start” icon then the “settings” cog and then “devices” you will see “Bluetooth” listed in the left column. When you click on Bluetooth you will see some very self explanatory options where you can pair your laptop and phone ready to do a file transfer. Most modern laptops have a Bluetooth connection built in but if you don’t see the Bluetooth option it’s very easy to add a small USB dongle that will set you back less than €10.

Ray from Quesada asks:
Hello Aunty. Since upgrading my Asus laptop to Windows 10 I am frequently getting more & more messages that I am running out of disk space but I just can’t see what it is that’s taking up so much space. Is there an easy way I can see what is using up my hard disk drive so I can begin to do some long overdue housekeeping?
Aunty Says:
Hi Ray. If you type STORAGE into the search box next to your Start icon and click on the top one in the list you should see a list of your drives, and from here you can investigate each drive. You can use this function to get an idea of what is taking up large amounts of space, and in most cases clearing up temporary files and moving large photos and video folder onto a USB external hard drive will free up loads of space.

Peter via email asks:
Hello Aunty. A while back I remember you printing instructions on how to remove annoying adverts from the internet that keep popping up almost every day, some of them are quite rude. This has become almost unbearable in the last month as I have to completely close down Chrome and start again to get rid of them. I have had my laptop serviced by a shop in Villa Martin but if anything it was worse when I got it back and half of my apps had disappeared. The next place for it is the swimming pool so please can you help? I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 Professional
Aunty Says:
Hi Peter. The two most important things you need to do is to first scan your computer with an updated version of the free Malwarebytes and then download and install a free plugin called Adblock Plus, both of which you can get from Maybe the shop simply restored your computer back to an earlier Windows restore point which probably wasn’t enough to fix an issue like this.

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