Barbara from Torrevieja asks:
Hello Aunty. When I turn on my laptop it starts something called “chckdsk” which looks as if it is scanning my C: disk drive for around 20 minutes and then Windows starts up. Is this something I should worry about and is there a setting where I can switch it off?  Everything seems to be fine once the computer starts so do I need to do anything? I have an Acer Extensa with Windows Vista.
Aunty Says:
You quite likely have a faulty hard disk drive Barbara which could fail at anytime and could mean the total loss of all your data. Before you do anything else make sure you have a backup of all your personal stuff such as documents and photos. You will need to take your laptop to an engineer to check the health of your hard disk drive and advise you on the most economical way forward. I would also strongly advise you to upgrade your computer to Windows 10, as Windows Vista is now defunct and using it is a major security risk. Get a few quotes and by having both jobs done at the same time it will save you money. Let me know if you need any further advice.

Bill via email asks:
Dear Aunty Virus, I have a Huawei phone and my wife has the same model. My problem is that when I take a photo it automatically goes to her phone and vice versa, she has her own Google account and email address. How can I stop this as we are duplicating all photos, and if I delete a photo from my phone, it also deletes from her phone. Help please, to avoid further arguments.
Aunty Says:
Hello Bill. What I imagine has happened here is that you or your wife have added a Google account on each other’s phone and they are syncing things via Google Photos and getting in a bit of a pickle. You should go through your Google Plus and Google Photos app settings and check the various sync option, and personally I would also remove any unwanted accounts from each phone. Go to “settings” “Accounts” and check what accounts are setup.

Graeme via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I have had a load of problems printing with Windows and my nephew who is currently working for an IT support company in Dubai has offered to connect to my computer from Dubai and try and figure out what is wrong. He has given me instructions to download and install a program called Teamviewer which seems fairly straight forward but a good friend of mine said it could be dangerous and to be very cautious about loading any kind of app that could allow other people to access my computer. Is this app safe to install? Thanks in advance for any advice.
Aunty Says:
Hi Graeme. You are right to be cautious but Teamviewer is a reputable program and used properly it is safe. I have used it in the past but I always uninstall it once I have finished with it.

Any questions then email me at See you all next week.