Glen via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I have been using Skype for years to contact my family in Canada. I have never had a problem until last week after a cursed Windows update and now Skype won’t connect. I have an HP laptop with Windows 8.
Aunty Says:
Hello Glen. First try the built-in Skype call test as this can sometimes help identify where the problem is. If you don’t see it on your Skype screen then type the word ECHO into the search box and you should get the option to call the free sound/test service. Secondly make sure you have the very latest version of Skype and let me know how you get on.

Fred via email asks:
Can you advice me on good safe site for downloading movies and DVDs?
Aunty Says:
Hi Fred. There are loads of ‘torrent’ sites out there but you access and download from them at you own risk. The legality of downloading copyrighted films and music is as about as complicates as it gets, so make sure you read up on the rules before you begin. The Pirate Bay and isohunt still seem to be very popular websites to find downloads and you’ll need a downloader program such as Utorrent or Bitcomet to manage the files. Make sure your antivirus program is up to date and scan for spyware at least once a week as it can get a bit scary out there.

Les via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I hope you can help solve this mystery. I have Windows 10 but I use an Internet dongle because I move around. Windows will not update automatically as it is counted as metered, but there is no offer of a click for manual update. I contacted Windows but their helper did not know that Windows 10 had changed the Control Panel, and kept referring to the update panel without a means for a manual ‘click’. Some forums suggest I simply don’t do any updating. Is this a sensible route to take?
Aunty Says:
Hi Les. There is a manual update option in Win10 which I use so that I can have more control as to when the heavy updates kick in. Click on the start button and got to “Settings” “Update and Security” “Windows Updates” and here you have control over how and when updates are managed. As of mid November there are some huge new Windows 10 updates released so it is definitely worth keeping on top of what is downloading and installing.

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