Mary via email asks:
Hello Aunty. My 18 month old HP laptop always had a flashing green light on the front which is by what looks like a battery symbol. It is now a solid orange colour light and I get a message everytime I turn the laptop on that no battery is detected. I can only use it if it is plugged in to the mains adapter which is ok most of the time but occasionally I would like to use it outside and I am a bit worried about the amount of power cuts we have as the battery used to kick in. How easy (and expensive) is it to replace the battery and will I need to send it back to Ireland to have it done? You advice would be most welcome.
Aunty Says:
Hi Mary. It does sound like you are due a new battery and 18 months does seem a bit of a short life, but as most stuff is thrown together in China these days I’m not too surprised. You can probably find a decent replacement battery on ebay or Amazon for around €40 but fitting it may be a bit fiddly as new laptops have the battery buried inside. Give Phil at eNET Computers a call on 687362844 as he will know the best solution.

Ben via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I recently purchased a new Canon printer but now after I scan a document and saving it to my desktop onto the laptop I get a message appear when I try to attach it to an email that says “the attachment is too big”. I didn’t get this with my old HP printer using exactly the same procedure.
Aunty Says:
Hi Ben. I think your new printer/scanner is scanning your documents at a too high resolution. You can lower the resolution (sometimes known as DPI) before you start the scan. I find 150dpi is plenty enough & if it’s a simple document I also set it to black & white which will help to reduce the size.

Fred via email asks:
Can you advice me on good safe site for downloading movies and DVDs? If not, is there any of your readers that can?
Aunty Says:
Hi Fred. There are loads of ‘torrent’ sites out there but you access and download from them at you own risk. The legality of downloading copyrighted films and music is as about as complicates as it gets, so make sure you read up on the rules before you begin. The Pirate Bay and isohunt still seem to be very popular websites to find downloads and you’ll need a downloader program such as Utorrent or Bitcomet to manage the files. Make sure your antivirus program is up to date and scan for spyware at least once a week as it can get a bit scary out there.

Any questions then email me at and I’ll see you all next week.