Ray from Campoamor asks:
Hi Aunty. What is the easy way to translate a webpage from Spanish to English? I seem to remember, once having an option of language near top of screen. I don’t understand the screen options of Chrome and and Firefox. I use Windows 10.
Aunty Says:
Hello Ray. In Google Chrome you can easily add the little translate button that used to appear in the top right corner. Search for WEBSTOR in google and click on the Chrome Web Store link, if it comes up in Spanish then you can change the language using the cog icon top right. Type translate into the search box and choose the Google Translate extension and you should now see the small blue icon in the top right corner of Chrome. You can sometimes see a translate option of you right click on a blank area of the webpage you want to translate.

Bernard via email asks:
Dear Aunty, I am having major problems with my Dell tower PC as it randomly and at no particular time it will simply shut down and I have to restart it again with the on/off button. Can you help me in any way to solve the problem? Keep up the great work.
Aunty says:
Hell Bernard. Normally when a computer repeatedly and randomly shuts down it is caused by overheating or a hardware fault. Blowing any fluff from the air vents at the back and around the sides may allow cool air to flow which can often improve things. As your problem is random then maybe also check you don’t have a loose connection where the power is plugged in. Keep me posted.

John via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I have always used Ccleaner and have had no problems but recently when I run the Registry Tool I am seeing a lot more things listed that I should remove. I’m not sure if I should delete all of the items found as a lot of them are called MUI files & unused file extensions.
Aunty Says:
Personally I recommend avoiding any cleanup apps that want to make changes to the Windows registry.  The Windows registry is a massively complex delicate database that stores absolutely everything Windows needs to be able to load and run properly.  The MUI files you are finding are harmless and take up very little room so best leave them be. Certainly let Ccleaner clear any temp files if it finds any.

Well that’s all for this week, email me your problems to auntyvirus@costablancapeople.com and I will see what I can do.