Michael via email asks:
Dear Aunty, I have an ACER laptop with Window XP and a message “Low Disc Space” continually appears on power up. I follow the disc cleanup procedure but without success, and when I attempt to defrag, another message appears informing me that “there is insufficient disc space to allow defrag”. When I check available disc space there is very little available despite only 6 programs being installed as I have uninstalled and deleted all unnecessary programs and files. Also I cannot uninstall the yahoo browser and replace with Google Chrome. Your advice would be appreciated.
Aunty Says:
It’s time for a new computer Michael. Windows XP must be getting near 15 years old now and all the big players (including Microsoft and Google) stopped supporting both XP and Vista years ago. These particular errors messages suggest you need to fit a bigger hard disk drive which will then involve a fresh install of XP and this is probably half way to the cost of a decent Win7, Win8.1 or Win10 laptop.

Lidia via email asks:
Hey Aunty. I have a newish laptop with Windows 10 and following your help in an earlier article I managed to download and install Google Chrome and set my internet start page to the English www.google.co.uk search page. This has worked fantastic for a few months but all of a sudden my home page as changed and everything keeps appearing in Spanish and I’m now getting loads of adverts popping up. Every time I change the settings back to Google it somehow reverts back to this annoying shopping page. Help!!!
Aunty says:
Hi Lidia. This has all the hallmarks of some spyware/malware so do a full scan with Malwarebytes and your favourite antivirus program and see if that clears the problem. There is some spyware doing the rounds that makes changes to your computer that none of the security apps seem to fix so let me know how it goes and I can send you more detailed instructions.

Nathan via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I upgraded to new laptop which has Windows 10. On my old one had Vista and when I printed, a page came up telling me how much ink I had left which was really handy. Since connecting and installing my Epson printer on my new laptop this does not seem to happen.
Aunty Says:
Hi Nathan. When you first plug a printer into a Windows 10 computer it will look through its own list of printers and install what it thinks is the best software, and although these kind on work, they are often only the very basics to get you going & don’t include the additional functions such as ink level alerts. You need to go to the Epson website and navigate to the support or download section. And type your printer model into the search box and look for the full software package for your printer. Once downloaded and installed you should then see all of the features you had with your Vista laptop. If you don’t see Win10 drivers listed then try the Win8 or Win7 versions.

Any questions you can email me at auntyvirus@costablancapeople.com and hopefully see you all next week.