Aunty Virus 24th November 2015

Annette via email asks:
Hi Aunty. Every time I turn on my computer I get a message on the screen saying that my license will expire on 29 Nov and to contact my system admin to get a product key. In settings it says that my product key should be on the box that it came in, or by email when I bought Windows, but I have neither of these. Something similar happened a few months ago and I took the computer to a local shop where they installed a new product key but unfortunately they are no longer there, and when I re-entered the number  they gave me it said the key didn’t work.
Aunty Says:
Hi Annette. Welcome to the crazy world that is Microsoft Licensing. This is a strange problem as you shouldn’t need to enter a key for Win8 as the activation process is built into the computers circuitry, and for this reason you no longer get a product key or DVD with computers anymore. The Win8.0 to Win8.1 is free, as is the Win8 to Win10 upgrade. If it is asking for any kind of key (or suggests it is going to expire) then Windows hasn’t been installed correctly.

June via email asks:
Hello Aunty. My iPad is constantly bombarding me with a notice “Password Incorrect. Enter a password for the Exchange account “Hotmail”. I have entered every password I have ever used but it is never satisfied. What medicine do you suggest? I don’t know what it means and also what else it wants. Please help before I need medicine!
Aunty Says:
Hello June. This sounds like a problem where your iPad hasn’t properly synced your email account. You will need to shut down the email app by double clicking the home button and bring up task manager and kill all apps. Switch the iPad off by holding down the button for 10 -15 seconds and the problem should be fixed.

Patrick via email asks:
Dear Aunty. I have just been on holiday for a week and I switched my laptop off before I went. I came back, switched my laptop on and have not been able to connect to the internet since. It is not the internet as my tablet is working fine. I have tried to restore back to before I went away but no joy, can you help?
Aunty Says:
Hello Patrick. Try switching the router off/on and then switch the laptop on. Sometimes WiFi settings get remembered or forgotten and a restart is required and let me know how you get on

Les via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I hope you can help solve this mystery. I have Windows 10 but I use an Internet dongle because I move around. Windows will not update automatically as it is counted as metered, but there is no offer of a click for manual update. I contacted Windows but their helper did not know that Windows 10 had changed the Control Panel, and kept referring to the update panel without a means for a manual ‘click’. Some forums suggest I simply don’t do any updating. Is this a sensible route to take?
Aunty Says:
Hi Les. There is a manual update option in Win10 which I use so that I can have more control as to when the heavy updates kick in. Click on the start button and got to “Settings” “Update and Security” “Windows Updates” and here you have control over how and when updates are managed. As of mid November there are some huge new Windows 10 updates released so it is definitely worth keeping on top of what is downloading and installing.

That’s all for this week, email me your problems to and I will see what I can do.