Glenda via email asks:
On my old Windows XP laptop I used to easily set my laptop to an earlier time before the problem started by using System Restore. I have ehad loads of problems with Windows 10 and my printer but I cannot find the old fashion system restore program. Can I still do this in Windows10?
Aunty Says:
Hello Glenda. You can still use the old style System Restore but Microsoft have made it a little more difficult to find than it was in Windows XP. The easiest way to find it is to click the Windows/Start icon (looks like a flag) and type SYSTEM RESTORE which should bring up the System Restore control panel. You may first need to switch on System Restore by creating a restore point.

Elizabeth from Rojales asks:
Hi Aunty. For some reason my Google translator has stopped working. When I copy some Spanish text from a document into the Google Translator app on my desktop, it just sits there showing a spinning symbol but nothing happens.  I am using Windows 10 and I use Google Chrome to access the Internet. Any ideas?
Aunty Says:
Hello Elizabeth. I have always accessed the Google Translator via the official Google website which seems to work 100% of the time. Because you are using Google’s Chrome as your browser you can also easily add the translator extension as a permanent fixture (which you can get from the Chrome Web Store) which will allow you to easily and quickly translate a whole webpage using the right mouse button.

Steve via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I have had a Hotmail address for over 10 years and recently it seems to be called Outlook and I’m getting a lot more dodgy looking emails which get sent to my junk box that are obvious scams and pretending to be from banks. Recently I had one supposedly from The Inland Revenue offering me a tax rebate but the spelling was so awful it gave it away. I always mark them as spam and then they automatically disappear from my inbox but recently I’m getting concerned that these scammers seem to have more and more of my private personal information so what happens to the emails?  Does my email or Internet provider report them? because as they automatically go into my junk inbox I can’t see any way of forward them to the banks etc to alert them as to what is going on.
Aunty Says:
I’m not sure how Hotmail (Microsoft) deal with their customers’ spam problems Steve but I’m sure there is a setting somewhere that will help you flag and report any particularly nasty emails as spam. In Gmail there is a “report spam” option that will alert Google and hopefully they follow it up and do something about it. Policing this kind of thing is a nightmare but there’s now plenty of cases in the news where companies are getting heavily fined for spamming and abusing people’s private and personal information, but outside of the EU and USA nobody seems to care that much.

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