Jeremy via email asks;
Hello Aunty, I’ve started using Google Chrome Instead of Firefox and it is a lot better but when I start it, it comes onto  Google España and most of my search results come back in Spain. I guess that as I am in Spain, Chrome is showing me Spanish websites so what do I need to do to change everything into English?
Aunty Says;
Hi Jeremy. You are correct that Chrome is looking at your location (via Region Settings or your IP address) and assuming you want everything accordingly. To change this, start Chrome and click on the three small dots in the top right corner and click on ‘Settings’ This will bring up a new page and under the ‘On Startup’ section you can tell Chrome to “Open a specific page or set of pages” where you can enter You can also control what the Home Button will do under the ‘Appearance’ section and if you click on the ‘Manage search engines’ button you can edit the entry to I always get varying results when I do this so let me know how you get on and we can maybe try changing your Regional setting.

Sue via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I know you mostly sort out Windows computer problems but I’m hoping you’ll be able to help me with my Samsung tablet problems as I’m at my wits end. I keep getting an error message “there is insufficient storage to install this app” even though I haven’t downloaded anything. I don’t have that many photos (maybe 30 to 40) and I really only use the tablet for chatting on Skype and a bit of internet searching.
Aunty says:
This download could be absolutely anything Sue, possibly a system update from Android or an app update for Skype or Chrome etc. I’m assuming you have a basic knowledge of finding your way around your tablet. Normally removing any unused apps and clearing out some cache will fix this but it can be very fiddly. There are a couple of free apps that you can download that will save you hours of time but first you’ll need to free up a small amount of storage to allow the app to download and install. Go to “Settings” and then “App Manager” and go through the list of apps and click on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”. Do this for 4 or 5 apps and hopefully you will clear enough space to install the free Clean Master app from the Play Store. If you don’t already have an SD memory card then invest €10 in a 16GB micro SD card and then use the Clean Master app to help relocate data and apps from the (full up) internal memory to the new (empty) SD card.

Paul via email asks:
Dear Aunty, I was given a second hand laptop with Windows 7 which runs fine and I only really use it for downloading and playing music for my bar. The only problem that I am having is that the hard disk is small at 80GB and I have pretty much filled it up and occasional get a warning message that the C: is full. Is there an easy and cheap way I can upgrade the hard drive? I don’t want to spend too much money as the laptop is a bit old and tatty.
Aunty Says:
Hello Paul. You can replace the laptop’s hard disk drive but it will be a huge amount of work reinstalling Windows + all of your data/programs. You will be far better off buying a 1TB USB external hard disk for around €65 which you simply plug into a spare USB port and it will appear on your computer as a new drive letter.

That’s all for this week, email me your problems to and I will see what I can do.