Carol via email asks
I am still using Windows Vista on my Acer laptop and I’ve been told it will stop working and I will have to upgrade to windows 10 or someone said I would be best going with Windows 7? Will my computer run either of these or is it time for a new laptop?
Aunty Says
Hi Carol. Windows Vista is now 10 years old and will be officially unsupported around April 2017 but it won’t actually stop working. What will happen is certain apps will no longer update (Chrome for example) and devices such as printers won’t come with the necessary Vista version of their software. I would recommend going for Windows 10 over Windows 7, simply because it is the latest version and I have no doubt that Microsoft have already reduced their support for Windows 7. Whether or not your laptop will be able to run Windows 7 I will need you to email me the exact model and I can investigate further for you.

Tina from San Luis asks:
Hi Aunty, I use Amazon for most of my online shopping and books and everything has been fine for years but all of a sudden it has changed to a Spanish format and all the books for sale are Spanish versions. Also there seems to be far less for sale and I am struggling to understand the text. Can you please tell me how to get it to go back to English?
Aunty Says:
Hello Tina. Probably the best way is to use (rather than .com or .es) as this will force the UK English version. Windows often tries to be a bit too clever and checks your location and decides what language you need, and as .com sites are global this can cause this kind of problem.

Elaine via email asks:
Hello Aunty. I have started getting a warning message when I switch on my HP Pavilion laptop “Warning: the battery cannot be identified. This system will be unable to charge this battery. Press any key to continue.” When I continue my laptop starts up and runs without any problems and the battery level indicator says I have 1 hour and 45 minutes which seems fine as it is the original battery and I know the deteriorate over time. Can I do any damage by not getting a new battery or should I continue to use it?
Aunty Says:
Hi Elaine. It very likely that your battery is simply on its way out. A new battery for one of them won’t be very expensive, around €40 for a good one, so maybe have a nose on amazon or ebay. As long as it is partially working you won’t do any damage to the laptop or Windows so it may just be worth putting up with the problem.

Pete via email asks:
Dear Aunty. I have a new laptop with windows 10 and with my old one, when I opened my bank statement from my bank, it automatically went to a spreadsheet program. Now when I open the same download it brings up Microsoft Excel but it says my trial period has expired and I need to go online and purchase a copy. I don’t remember exactly how it worked before but I think it was Office but was a free program you had recommended.

Aunty Says:
Hi Pete. What you probably had before was the free Apache Open Office from which does pretty much everything Microsoft Office does. You may want to remove the trial version of Office via “control panel” “programs and features”

That’ll do for this week, email me your questions to and I will see what I can do.