Aunty Virus 17th March 2015

Josh via email asks:

Hello, I have read many times your suggestions to run Malwarebytes but when I have run the scan the number of items listed is very long and very daunting! Are there any things I should watch out for?
Aunty Says:

Hi Josh. Malwarebytes will find things like Spyware and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPS) and it will often find a lot of things which have built up simply by using the internet. I always leave Malwarebytes to get on with its job without even looking at what it has found and I’ve yet to run into any problems after all these years.


Carol via email asks:
A few months ago I bought a new Lenovo laptop with Window 10 and for an extra €45 they changed it to English from Spanish. I have recently seen a notice saying I only have 28 days (and counting) to activate and when I clicked on “activate now” it said something like “enter a valid code number” which I did not have. I took it back to the shop and they said they installed the code and everything was fine but has come up again and when I called into the shop again they said they were waiting for a new DVD to reinstall it and not to worry as it is problem with Microsoft. It is now 6 weeks later and I am still waiting for a call, but to be honest I am now thinking this is a bit of a fib. They also told me the problem is because the language was changed but I have read in your column that this can be done easily. Could you let me know what I should do?
Aunty Says:
Hi Carol. Take the laptop back to the shop and ask them nicely to stop messing you about and to re-install the genuine copy of Win 10 that would have come with the laptop. Ask them to enter the code, activate and then validate Windows via the Microsoft website. If they refuse then something is not quite right. Explain politely that you will need to contact Microsoft to ask them what you should do. Those good old days of free ‘trial’ and ‘cracked’ copies of Windows are rapidly fading and laptops haven’t come with any Windows discs or activation codes for a very long time, the activation for Windows 10 is built into the laptop’s electronics. Changing language is free, not exactly simple, but free.


Mark via email asks:
Hello Aunty. I have a slight problem with my Dell laptop which I have had for 4 years it has started to show a flashing green light on the front which I think is the battery symbol. It occasionally changes to an orange light, and when it does I get a warning come up that the battery is critical and to plug into the mains supply. I have it plugged in to the wall at all the time and switch it off at night but I am worried that I may damage the laptop. Please can you advise what I should do?
Aunty Says:
It sounds like it maybe time for a new battery Mark, but as you are running your laptop only from the mains then you may as well take your battery out. If you flip your laptop over you should see a spring loaded catch and probably a similar lock that you simply slide and lift the battery out.

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