Derek via email asks:
Hi Aunty. We have fiber optic installed and for some reason I have no network connection to my laptop. We have internet to our phones and iPads and I have tried everything to fix this as my laptop is in one room and router in another. The troubleshooter advice was to connect an Ethernet cable which does work but it’s a pain having to move the laptop every time I want to use it.
Aunty Says:
Hello Derek. This sounds like you may have an issue with your WiFi setup on your laptop. Sometimes the easiest fix for this is to uninstall the software drivers as this will clear any corrupted settings and automatically reinstall a fresh set of drivers. Right click on the Windows start icon and choose Device Manger. Expand the Network section (by clicking on the small arrow) and right click and uninstall all of the entries in the list. When you restart Windows it will reload a fresh set of drivers and you should then be able to connect to your WiFi. Any problems give Phil a ring on 687362844


Ben via email asks:
Hello Aunty. I seem to remember you writing about an easy way to translate a webpage from Spanish to English. I use Google Chrome and Windows 10.
Aunty Says:
Hello Ben. In Google Chrome you can easily add the hand little translate button that will easily ley you translate a page with on click. Search for webstore in google and click on the Chrome Web Store link, if it comes up in Spanish then you can change the language using the cog icon top right. Type TRANSLATE into the search box and choose the Google Translate extension and you should now see the small blue icon in the top right corner of Chrome. You can sometimes see a translate option of you right click on a blank area of the webpage you want to translate.

Vic from La Siesta asks:
Hi Aunty. I‘m treating myself to new laptop and I want to copy all of my documents and photos from my old one before I dispose of it. How do I do this so that I can easily transfer them to my new on and make sure no one can get my data from my old tone?
Aunty Says:
Hi Vic. Transferring You can buy a 64GB USB flash memory stick for under €20 and use this to copy/paste everything from one machine to the other. On your old computer, right click on a folder and from the menu that pops up choose ‘copy’ and then right click on the USB stick and choose ‘paste’ (the USB stick should appear after plugging it in as a new drive in My Computer or File Manager) Once you have double checked that you have everything from your old computer the only way to be 100% safe is to destroy the old hard disk as it isn’t too difficult to retrieve data even after Windows has been reinstalled.

Well that’s all for this week, email me your problems to and I will see what I can do.