Bill via email asks:
I am trying to uninstall AVG free from my laptop as it is slowing it down on startup but I can’t seem to stop it from scanning even though I have removed it via Settings. I use CCleaner and Malwarebytes so will this be enough security?
Aunty Says:
Hello Bill. For years AVG was one of the best free antivirus programs but it seems to have got rather bloated and slow so download and run the simple AVG removal tool (type AVG REMOVER into Google) You will still need an antivirus program alongside Malwarebytes and the built in Windows Defender will set itself up automatically once AVG has been removed.

Barry from San Luis asks;
I recently bought an Asus laptop with Windows 10 from Carrefour and although I’ve managed to convert it to display in English but I cannot seem to get the @ key to work, it seems to be in the wrong place!
Aunty Says:
Bit fiddly this one Barry but if you take your time you should be OK. The @ key or ‘at sign’ is in a different place on UK, US and Spanish keyboards and you most likely have the UK keyboard driver loaded instead of the Spanish one. Click the start button and type “language”. This will bring up the Control Panel language page where you can click on “options” “add an Input Method” and choose Spanish International from the list. To be sure Windows doesn’t switch back to the wrong layout you should delete any US or UK entries under the “input device” heading. Don’t forget you will need to hold down the ‘Alt GR’ key and press the ‘2’ key to get the @ key.

Simon via email asks:
I downloaded Malwarebytes Free from the official website but after it installed it came up in Spanish instead of English so how do I change it?
Aunty Says:
Hi Simon. After starting Malwarebytes click on the “Configuracion” cog icon then  “Configuracion General” in the left hand list and you will see a drop down list titled ‘idioma’ which is where the language can be changed. Some programs/apps (such as Skype) have the change language options under ‘herramientas” or “opcoines.

Ben via email asks:
Hello Aunty. I have a new laptop with Win10 and following your help in an earlier article I managed to download and install Google Chrome and set my internet start page to the English search page. This has worked fantastic for a few months but all of a sudden my home page as changed and everything keeps appearing in Spanish and I’m now getting loads of adverts popping up. Every time I change the settings back to Google it somehow reverts back to this annoying shopping page.
Aunty says:
Hi Ben. This has all the hallmarks of some spyware/malware so do a full scan with Malwarebytes and your favourite antivirus program and see if that clears the problem. There is some spyware doing the rounds that makes changes to your computer that none of the security apps seem to fix so let me know how it goes and I can send you more detailed instructions.

Well that’s all for another week, email me your questions to and I will see what I can do.