Harry via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I have a new Canon printer and I have it connected to the computer by USB cable but how can I change the connection so that it is Wi-Fi networked and also that my iPad can use it?
Aunty Says:
Hello Harry. Obviously you will need to have a printer that has Wi-Fi capabilities, and to be able to print directly from your phone (or tablet) you will need the “Air Print” app from the App Store or “Cloud Print” from the Android/Google Play Store. When you first installed and setup the printer on your computer (using the supplied DVD) numerous software apps would have been installed and one of these will include the Wi-Fi setup option. Type PRINTER SETUP into the Windows search box (bottom left) and you should see some kind of printer configuration app which will guide you through the Wi-Fi setup. (if you simply plugged the printer in and let Windows install its own basic software then most of these will likely be missing) Once setup you should first test it from the computer and then download and install the relevant app on your phone/tablet and you should be OK. Most printer manufacturers also have their own app in the app store but I haven’t tried any of them so I can’t really comment, but please let me know if you have had any success with them.

Alison from Gran Alicant asks:
I have a new Dell laptop with Windows 10 and I’ve started using the built in Cortana search function which I think is brilliant. The problem I am having is that when I speak into Cortana to look for something on the Internet it always brings up Bing and Edge but I’ve always been told Google search and Chrome are the best for surfing the Internet. Is there anyway I can set Cortana to use these instead? I have looked everywhere but I must be overlooking something.
Aunty Says:
Hi Alison. Because Cortana is a Microsoft product they have set things up so you are pretty much forced into using their search (Bing) and browser (Edge) apps. There are a couple of free add-on tools that can redirect Bing to Google Search and open Chrome instead of Edge, but they are a bit fiddly to configure. I have sent you a link to a website where you can download the two apps and instructions on how to set them up.

Alan via email asks:
Dear Aunty. I have been having problems with websites opening unsolicited pages and it is usually when I have just started up Google Chrome and go to various websites that I use. Once the first webpage is opened and I click on the down arrow to scroll down, quite often another website will appear and it starts redirecting me to sites which offers to check for malware, which I never pursue. I have done full scans with Windows security twice but it does not find any problems. Is this a problem related to cookies or is it to do with Google Chrome? I have used Firefox browser sometimes and not had the problem. Any ideas on what I can check for?
Aunty Says:
Hi Alan. It sounds like you have some nasty infections and you will first need to do a full scan with Malwarebytes and see what it finds. This may well clean your system but if not then try the Chrome Cleanup Tool (type it into Google search) and follow the Chrome reset options.

Well that’s all for another week. Email me your questions to auntyvirus@costablancapeople.com and I will see if I can get you sorted.