Richard via email asks:
Dear Aunty. I have a new windows 10 laptop and find my desktop icons have become hidden. I must have done something wrong so how can I rectify this? I am 77 years old and feel a bit silly about it.
Aunty Says:
Hi Richard. Probably what you have accidently done is to switch off the “show desktop icons” setting. If you right click on any blank area of your desktop you will see a small menu popup where you can reset things back to how they were.

Alan via email asks:
Hi Aunty, could you help me? When I go into Outlook I can open existing emails but two messages come up saying “server error 3219” and “windows live mail error Ox8D00005” and will not send or receive mail. Many Thanks.
Aunty Says:
Hello Alan. This problem has been around for a while and seems to mostly affect people running older versions of Outlook and Windows Live Mail. I messaged Microsoft who surprisingly didn’t reply so maybe try the free email app that comes bundled with Window 8 & 10. Type Mail into the search bar by the start icon. I personally scrapped using any kind of email app years ago and have since always accessed my email accounts via the web, a lot less hassles and much more secure. I notice you have one of the Orange group email addresses so go to and have a go using webmail rather than using an email app. Any @hotmail or users can also access their webmail via

Trevor via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I have Windows 10 which has a free Antivirus program and I also have a Kaspersky program which costs approx €25 a year and it is now ready for renewal. My question is, is it worth paying for this extra protection? I enjoy your column.
Aunty Says:
Hello Trevor. The built-in Windows defender is quite adequate and of course it is free but I would strongly recommend also downloading and installing the free Malwarebytes (not the trial version) from and run a scan with both apps once a week.

Richard from Torrevieja asks:
Dear Aunty. We regularly use Skype but the sound quality is terrible so how easy would it be to improve the speakers on my Acer laptop? The Microphone is fine and I really don’t want to use a headphone and mic headset as I like my wife to chat to the grandkids with me.
Aunty Says:
Hi Richard. Very easy with set of computer desktop speakers which you can pick up for under €30. They will plug into the small input on the side/front of your laptop which should be marked with a small headphone symbol. Get a decent set that has a mains power plug rather than the USB powered type as they will perform better and you can also use your laptop for playing music and YouTube videos etc. Logitech, Creative and Trust are all fairly good quality but do avoid the crappy Chino rubbish.

Well that’s all for this week, email me your problems to and I will see what I can do.