Jim via email asks:
Hello Aunty. After a recent Skype update I was unable to access Skype from my desktop shortcut. I uninstalled and tried to reinstall but although it seemed to do all the right things on download, there’s a notice on screen saying “unable to access download server”. I have contacted Skype help and they wanted to remotely access my computer but I said no to that. Can you help?
Aunty Says:
Hello Jim. If you go to the Skype website and download the latest Skype for Windows this should guarantee a fresh install with the very latest version. If this fails then there may be some remnants of an unsuccessful previous install that is causing problems. There are some free uninstaller programs that go beyond the normal Windows “Uninstall a Program” so let me know if the above works.

Glen via email asks:
Hi Aunty. Is there any way I can tell if there is anybody using my internet? I am with Ole but there always seems to be a lot of activity on my router’s lights even after I have turned off my laptop.
Aunty Says:
Hi Glen. I’ve always used a program called Wireless Net Watcher from www.nirsoft.net and found one of my visiting neighbors’ had hacked my Wi-Fi password and was helping themselves to my ADSL. How they hacked my Wi-Fi password I will never know but to stop this happening again I’ve got into the habit of regularly changing my Wi-Fi password via the routers control panel. If you’re not sure exactly how to do this let me know and I will send you instructions.

Mary via email asks:
My laptop recently tried to upgrade itself to the latest Windows10 but it kept going around in a loop so I had to restore it to factory settings. It let me copy all of my personal files and photos music onto a 64GB USB stick but now I can’t seem to open any of the documents as all the writing is total jibberish.The photos seem OK though.
Aunty Says:
Not too sure about this Mary but it could be that you are trying to open these files with the wrong program. Maybe you had Open Office or Word on your laptop before you did a factory restore?

Nick from Torrevieja asks:
Hello there Aunty. I have a few questions about Windows 10 that I am sure you will be able to answer. What is the minimum amount of RAM needed for it to run satisfactorily? Is it straightforward and ‘user friendly’ when operated without a touch-sensitive screen? Will the various games programs I have downloaded with Windows 7 (for the grandchildren, of course…) still work? Thanking you in anticipation.
Aunty Says:
Hello Nick. I would suggest a minimum of 2GB of memory. It is very user friendly and can be tweaked to look somewhat like Windows 7 and all your Win7 games will work fine.

Email me at auntyvirus@costablancapeople.com and I’ll see you all next week.