​David via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I’m sure there must be a simple answer to this but I just cannot find out how to do it. I want to generate a list of all my Excel files​. Can you tell me how to do this please? I run on Windows 10 with all the latest updates and I have Office 2016 installed.
Aunty Says:
Hello David. Windows has been with us for over 30 years but oddly this has always been a function missing from Windows and I’ll never understand why. I often need  a quick and simple printout of a list of documents/photos so I’ve always used a great little app called JR Directory Printer which has served me well for over 20 years and is free. It’s still available from http://www.spadixbd.com and is very easy to use.

Ben via email asks:
I bought a new HP laptop with Window 10 and I paid an extra €95 for the shop to change it from Spanish to English and install the AVG antivirus program. I am getting a message that Window isn’t activated and when I go to settings it asks me to enter a valid code number which I don’t recall being given. I took it back to the shop and they said that I don’t need a code and that I will need to contact Microsoft as it is my laptop and therefore my responsibility, they then gave the excuse that the problem is because I wanted the language changed. Also it looks like they have charged me for the free AVG app. I am retired and fairly new to computers so could you advise me what I should do?
Aunty Says:
Hi Ben. Changing the language in Windows 10 is fairly simple and will not affect Windows licensing or activation so they are definitely wrong to tell you that. I’m not sure what your €95 has bought as the free version of AVG is a 10 minute install and is free (vs. the full package which is €40 a year) so maybe take the laptop back to the shop and ask them nicely to explain exactly what they have done and that it is legally their responsibility to sort out the activation issue.

Gail from Benijofar asks:
Hello Aunty. When I am using my Hotmail email loads of adverts keep appearing and when this happens it stops me from typing and sometimes the letters I am typing take ages to appear. Is there any way that I can stop these adverts popping up as they are very annoying and some of them are a little bit unsavory. I am using Windows 10.
Aunty Says:
Hi Gail. I still swear by Adblock which you can get from www.getadblock.com  It  is a “pay what you like” app which is basically free if you don’t feel like paying for it. You should also give your machine a full scan with Malwarebytes and your favourite antivirus program.

As always you can email me with your questions to auntyvirus@costablancapeople.com and I’ll see what I can do.