Colin via email asks:
Dear Aunty. I have an Acer Aspire 572g laptop and it has seen very little use from new and it has not been used for almost a year. My other laptop is now running very slowly so I dug out the Acer and recharged the battery but it won’t boot up. Any advice please? Many thanks in advance.
Aunty Says:
As your laptop has been standing idle for so long this could be any number of things Colin, so I’ll need to know a few more details to give you an accurate prognosis, such as any signs of life or blinking lights etc. Make sure you give it a good 12 hours on charge and you could try popping the battery out and see if this helps. Keep me posted.

Johnny via email asks:
 Hi Aunty. Ii have bought a new HP laptop with windows 10 on it and the shop transferred  all my info from my old laptop to my new one. On my previous laptop I had windows defender, Malwarebytes & Superantispyware but the shop put Avast free antivirus & C Cleaner on my new one and they told me they are as good as what were on before & won`t slow the laptop as much, just wondered what your opinion is as usually you  recommend windows defender etc.
Aunty Says:
Hello Johnny. I’m still a big fan of Windows Defender and I don’t agree that Avast will run any faster than Defender or give you any more security. As Defender is also a Microsoft product it sits really well with Windows and the updates are smooth and trouble free. I would strongly recommend also having either Malwarebytes or Superantispyware and run a scan once a week. Ccleaner isn’t really a security program, more for clearing out old unwanted junk.

Margaret via email asks:
Hi Aunty. I recently purchased a new laptop with Windows 10.  The computer shop put Yahoo Mail on my desktop but I was having problems receiving emails so they put Yahoo as a favourite/bookmark  onto Google Chrome and I have been accessing my mail etc via this without any problems. Yahoo are now advising that my account is currently not enabled for sign in from apps which do not meet modern security standards. They recommended that I switch to Yahoo apps such as Yahoo mail on desktop.  I have tried many times to access my mail and receive a message saying “Hold on while we retrieve your emails”.  I am then told that nothing has arrived but if I access via Google there is no problem. Can you advise how I can get over this please?
Aunty Says:
Hello Margaret. I would stick to accessing your email via Google Chrome as this is more secure and less hassle than using any kind of mail app. This method of using your email is is commonly referred to as Webmail because your are accessing the Yahoo email service via the web and there is very little that can go wrong.

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