Gary via email  asks:
Hello Aunty. When I go on to the Internet with Chrome to get my Gmail emails I keep getting my Google search page in Spanish. I have followed your previous instructions and set as my home page but when it loads it seems to change to and gives me mostly Spanish search results. My Nephew found me a way around this by adding “” as a bookmark but it’s not the tidiest solution.
Aunty Says:
Hi Gary. I think what you have done here is a very easy mistake where you have used the .com ending instead of the Basically what happens here is that Chrome is trying to be helpful and has detected you are in Spain and returning what it thinks are most relevant search results, but by using the extension you are directing everything to UK based sources. This works with most websites and Amazon & EBay are great examples. For those of you who need a reminder of how to set your homepage; go to the settings section of Google Chrome (click on the three dots in the top right corner) and change the “on startup” and “search”  sections to (or .ie for Ireland) and you should find you get a lot more relevant results from any searches.

June via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I have a touch screen Lenovo laptop but the screen is constantly covered in fingerprints and I was told they are delicate and there are some “must nots” when it comes to keeping them clean. What is the best thing for doing this?
Aunty Says;
Hello June. Touch screens are not particularly delicate as they have been designed and tested to handle all sorts of poking with sticky and greasy fingers. I use the cheap microfiber cloths from Mercadona which I slightly dampen with a mix of bottled water and a couple of drops of white vinegar.  You can also add a few drops surgical alcohol onto the cloth to help sterilize the screen as you can never be sure where those fingers have been.

Martin via email asks:
Hello Aunty, 3 months ago I treated myself to a new laptop and recently I am receiving notification that the trial version of my McAfee security program has expired. I don’t remember signing up for a free trial and I don’t know if I should pay, if it is safe to do this over the internet or just ignore it. What do you recommend? I am fairly new to computers so please explain in basic language
Aunty Says:
Hello Martin. The free trial from MacAfee was probably pre-installed on your laptop but it can also get installed when you updated some of your apps. I’m still a big fan of Window Defender that comes pre-bundled with Windows 10, and to be extra safe I still recommend having a separate antispyware programs like the free Malwarebytes.

That’s all for another week, email you questions to and I will see what I can do.