Peter via email asks:
Hello Aunty. My iPad now wishes me to authorise it with original Apple ID password but I cannot remember it as I have changed it several times. Can you help?
Aunty Says:
Hi Peter. Hopefully all is not lost but you will need access to the email account that you used when you originally set up your Apple account. Go to this website and click on the “forgot apple id” link at the bottom. You will need to enter your email address and type in the characters as a security measure. This should email you a link and reset code that you simply enter to reset your password.

Mary via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I have an HP laptop with Windows 10 and I have an unlimited 4G dongle to access the Internet because we have such poor coverage with WIFI in our area. Windows will not do any updates automatically as says my internet is “metered” even though it is not, but I can’t see an option where I can do it manually. I searched Google and came across hundreds of websites that were far more helpfull than the Microsoft Windows help but they kept telling me to click on setting options that I do not seem to have (such as Control Panel) with pictures of an update panel with a button for a manual click but I don’t seem to have this either. Am I missing something?
Aunty Says:
Hello Mary. There is a manual update option in Windows 10 and is essential if you want to force any updates and have more control as to when the heavy updates kick in. Click on the start icon and got to “Settings” “Update and Security” “Windows Updates” and here you have control over how and when updates are managed. There have been some huge new Windows 10 updates recently and some of the earlier Windows 10 options have moved and changes so it’s likely you still have some of the original layout. Of course it’s possible that Google or Microsoft haven’t updated the help pages you have been reading so maybe check the dates of the links you are clicking on.

Bill via email asks:
Hi Aunty. With my old computer whenever I printed anything a window popped up telling me how much ink I had left. This does not happen with my new one which is surprising as I though Windows 10 was meant to be an improvement. Any ideas how to fix this? The laptop is a Lenovo and the printer is an HP.
Aunty Says:
Hi Bill. This is probably due to the printer software (known as drivers) not being the full set. When you first plug a printer into a new Windows 10 computer it will look through its own list of drivers and install what it thinks is the best one, and although these nearly always work, they are usually only the basics to get you going & don’t include the additional functions such as scanning and ink level alerts. You need to go to the printer manafacturer’s website (Google it) and navigate to the support/download section. Type your printer model into the search box and look for the full software package for your printer. Once downloaded and installed you should see all of the features you enjoyed with your old system.

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