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Set up your browser for a proxy server

Big disclaimer here chaps!
Anything that you do that somehow messes up your computer, you will have to take on the chin and put down to experience. If you pick up any nasties from any of these proxy websites then we truly sympathise, but we can’t be held responsible for other people’s badness. What you do with your proxy connection is your business, but if you are infringing on some kind of cyber copyright laws, then although we don’t care, it’s your lookout if you get your collar felt. You don’t need to download, install or pay for anything for the following work, so don’t fall for that old trick.
Using a proxy server is a notoriously unreliable way of connecting to the internet. Even when they do work you will almost certainly find they will eventually get recognised and subsequently blocked, The BBC are getting very good at this.

Write down a few UK proxy server IP address and port from one of these sites. We will try to add and delete these as and when we find the time.

This one to check where the proxy server is:

To set up Firefox to use a proxy server is fairly simple and is much the same on most versions and Windows, Linux and Apple Macs.
Start Firefox and click on ‘tools’ and select ‘options’
Click on the ‘advanced’ icon and the ‘network tab.
Click the ‘settings’ button in the connection section and select ‘manual proxy configuration’
Type the IP address into the HTTP Proxy box and the port in the port box.
Click OK and restart Firefox.

To setup Internet Explorer to use a proxy server
Click on the ‘tools’ option on the menu bar and choose ‘internet options’.
Click on the ‘connections’ tab and under the ‘lan settings’  field click ‘settings’
In the Proxy server box check that the ‘use a proxy server for your LAN’ box is ticked.
Type in the proxy IP address and the port number.
Click OK twice, restart Internet Explorer and try and access your chosen website.


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