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Custom AVG 2011 install for better performance


Unfortunately AVG2011 now comes with so many add-ons and options that it can sometimes drag your computer down as much as Norton360 and MacAfee do. Follow these simple installation steps and you can have a good level of protection without all the fuss and bother that a lot of users are currently experiencing.

Here we go:

Uninstall any previous antivirus software including previous versions of AVG. This is done through control panel and add remove programs in XP  or Programs and Features in Vista and Win7.

Download the latest AVG from here and run the installation.


Accept the license agreement and choose the ‘basic protection

Choose the ‘Custom Install option and untick everything except the very first entry which is normally greyed out (AVG 2011).

On the next screen untick both the ‘Security Toolbar and the "Yahoo Search engine" options.

On the next screen untick the news and web safety boxes.

Restart your machine and do an update and a full scan (double click on the new desktop icon).

 When the update/scan is complete double click on the AVG icon on your desktop and go t tools advanced settings and expand the ‘schedules section on the left column by clicking on the + symbol

Click on ‘scheduled scan and make sure both the ‘enable task box and ‘run on computer startup box are unticked. (These will stop AVG running a scan every time you start your computer, which is a very common cause of slow running computers after AVG has been installed)

Every 2 weeks remember to check updates have been installed and do a full scan.

Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us.


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