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  • Aunty Virus 25th October

    Barry via email asks:
    Dear Aunty, Can you help please. I have Win 10 which was working perfectly OK until just over a week ago when I suddenly lost the use of the PC for several hours as Windows carried out updates. Apart from the usual annoying habit of changing the way certain things work, without any notification or hints on how to now use them, I found that online things like Microsoft games were now running considerably slower. They are painfully slow. I've Googled for help but the hints always seem too complicated or refer to tabs/buttons which I can never find. Do you have any simple solutions please?
    Aunty Says:
    I’m not 100% sure about this one Barry. If it is just the games that have slowed then I’d suggest a possible graphics driver problem so maybe check on your PC manufacturers website for the latest Windows 10 drivers, but if it is also affecting other online things then maybe even more Windows updates are hogging your Internet connection. If you want to check and control what is going on with updates you can have a look by clicking on the start icon, settings, and click on the “Update & security” section. Amongst other things, you can manually check for updates and also control when Windows installs them. There are far too many options to cover here but it is all fairly self explanatory so have a browse around. As always a proper shut down and restart can help updates install so avoid the sleep and hibernate options and let me know how you get on.

    Phillip via email asks:
    Hi Aunty, I have a problem with my Windows 8 laptop. When I try to open emails & some personal sites a message pops up saying it cannot establish a secure connection and often (but not always) it doesn't give me an option to continue access.
    Aunty says:
    Hello Phillip. This could simply be your Windows time and date settings being incorrect. Some webpages will check for a thing called a “Security Certificate” basically to confirm the website is genuine but if the date is wrong on your device then your browser (Safari, Chrome or Firefox etc.) will refuse the website as it’s certificate appears out of date and therefore invalid. If you right click on the date and time in the bottom right corner you will be able to manually change the date & time (and GMT+1 settings if you are in Spain).

    Pauline via email asks:
    I have a HP printer which worked OK with my Windows Vista laptop but when I plugged it in to my new Windows 10 Acer it seems to start installing and then just stops and I have no printer or scanner option. Do you know of a way to get it work as 7 years ago it was a top of the range printer and scanner? The copy and fax still work but I’m guessing that is because it doesn’t actually use my computer to fax or copy.
    Aunty Says:
    Hi Pauline. Most likely HP or Microsoft haven’t released a new driver for Windows 10 but it is probably still worth visiting the support section of the HP website to check there isn’t a Win10 or Win8 download available. You are correct that the copy function on printers can work without a computer connected.

    That’s it for another week folks, email me your questions to: and I will do my best to get you sorted.

  • Aunty Virus 18th October

    John via email asks:
    Hi Aunty. I need to translate a letter from English to German so I scanned the letter onto my computer and it is successfully saved as a PDF file. I have tried using Google Translate but although it tells me it is translating, nothing happens. I would appreciate your help.
    Aunty Says:
    Hello John. You will need to scan the document using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function of your scanner which is normally an available option just before you start the scan. You should then get the option to save the document to Word etc. in a text format which you can then copy/paste into Google Translate. There are plenty of websites out there that offer a free PDF translate service but be careful as nothing is free on the internet so there may be a payload of adverts and junk mail.

    Vikki from Murcia asks:
    Hi Aunty. I am having a problem trying to stop a website from appearing whenever I go on the Internet, it keeps popping up whatever I am doing and I have to close Chrome to get rid of it. I have also noticed my internet keeps slowing down and occasionally my computer will lock up and I will need to pop the battery out.
    Aunty Says:
    Hello Vikki. From the link you sent me it looks like you may have a root-kit virus on your computer. Make sure you have an updated copy of MalwareBytes and do a full scan. Do the same with your antivirus program and let me know how you get on.
    Bob from Quesada asks:
    I have just recently bought a rather expensive Canon MG7750 printer but trying to get genuine cartridges locally seems to be impossible. I don’t want to order them online as I’ve had a nightmare in the past with fake or faulty ink. I work with high quality photographs so I don’t mind buying genuine ones as they last longer, have better quality ink and are less likely to damage my printer..
    Aunty Says:
    If you don’t want to shop online Bob then try giving Pauline or Mike a call at (just around the corner from you in Montesinos) as they have good prices for most of the major models plus they are always in stock. I used to stick with originals but I’ve been trying out “compatibles” and have found the print quality has greatly improved and they seem to have far more ink.

    Jim via email asks:
    I can’t seem to get the email @ key on my keyboard to behave on my new Lenovo laptop, it does work but it seems to be in the wrong place.
    Aunty Says:
    Hello Jim. The ‘at’ sign (@) is in a different place on UK, US and Spanish keyboards and the most common problem over here is when the US keyboard setting is set instead of the Spanish one. Right click the start button and choose “Control Panel” “Change Imput Method” “Add a Language” and expand the “Spanish (international sort)” from the list and set it as the default. Don’t forget you will need to hold down the ‘Alt GR’ key and press the ‘2’ key to get the @ key.

    Well that’ll do for another week, email your questions to and I will see what I can do.

  • Aunty Virus 11th October

    Mark from Montesinos asks:
    Hi Aunty, I have an odd problem with my internet speed. I have upgraded from a terrible 4Mbit ADSL connection to a 100Mb fiber optic system and I download all of my movies and TV series as torrents from a UK site but the download speed has got slower and will sometimes drop below 1Mb/sec and some of the large blue ray versions can take 24 hours to finish. I know this isn’t normal so how can I up the speed to be closer to the 10Mb/sec that I pay for?
    Aunty Says:
    Hi Mark. The download speed/time for each film will depend on the movie website’s connection in the UK, and a lot of these sites will limit each user’s allocated chunk of their bandwidth. This is to guarantee everyone gets a reasonable speed.  Even though you have 100Mb per second available with your provider this doesn’t necessarily mean you can download all files at that rate.

    Helen via email asks:
    I have a Gmail email account and I have been having loads of strange problems where emails keep disappearing and some addresses are not on my laptop yet they are if I use my iPad or phone. If it helps I am using Windows Live Mail on my Windows 8 laptop and I think I have the basic email apps that came preloaded on my iPad and Samsung phone.
    Aunty Says:
    This can get a bit complicated Helen so I’ll try and summarize it as best I can. I have mentioned in a few of my previous articles that accessing your emails via the internet using your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer etc) is much less troublesome and easier to manage than using an installed email app.  Your problem is fairly common and it is likely due to the fact that you are accessing your emails from 3 different devices and they must constantly syncronise with each other (via the Gmail server) to keep everything running smoothly. If one of your devices is not configured correctly, or wasn’t able to sync, then things can go south, I’ll give you an example. As things are, if you delete an email from your iPad, for it to also disappear from your laptop and phone, all three devices need to communicate via the Gmail server and sync their inbox folders etc. However, if you start accessing your emails via (must be on all 3 devices) then there is no need for any syncing because the inbox folder isn’t on the device, rather it is stored by Google on one of their Gmail servers. This is the essence of webmail and all the email providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc. all provide it.

    John via email asks:
    Hi Aunty. I have been using Ccleaner for years and I have never had any problems. The only thing that does concern me is recently when I run Registry Tool I see a lot more entries and I’m not sure if I should delete all of them. Most of them are MUI files and unused file extensions.
    Aunty Says:
    I steer well clear of any cleanup program that wants to access and edit my Windows registry purely because I have witnessed so many messed up computers. The Windows registry is a huge, complex and very delicate database that stores absolutely everything Windows needs to know to run properly and it only takes one slight error and your computer can be rendered useless. The files you are finding are harmless and take up very little room so best leave them be. Certainly let Ccleaner clear any temp files if it finds any.


    Well that’ll do for another week, email your questions to and I will see what I can do.

  • Aunty Virus 5th October

    Liam via email asks:
    Dear Aunty, please can you recommend what free Security Software I need to install on my new Windows 10 Lenovo Laptop as there are so many of them to choose from? I use my laptop for banking, emails and browsing the internet.
    Aunty Says:
    Hi Liam I still highly recommend SuperAntiSpyware and/or Malwarebytes and use the built in Windows Defender that comes pre-installed with Windows 8 and 10.

    David via email asks:
    Hola Aunty, I have a problem with my tablet. When I try to open emails & some personal sites it informs me it cannot establish a secure connection, which is ok, but it doesn't give me the option of allowing access. I've tried searching for a solution, but all answers seem to concern blocking rather than allowing. Hope you can help with this problem as you have in the past. Thanks in anticipation.
    Aunty says:
    Hi David. I’ve seen this error message and after days of puzzling over it for a long while it turned out to be something as simple as the time and date settings being wrong. The secure connection you are trying to make to these particular web pages checks for something called a “security certificate” but if the date or time on your device is too far out then your browser (Safari, Chrome or Firefox etc.) will refuse the website.

    James via email asks:
    Hello Aunty, I have a 3 year old Acer laptop that I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (big mistake) and now when I connect to my TV via the HDMI cable the screen on the laptop shrinks to about half and the TV picture is a small square in the centre of the screen. Also the sound only comes from the laptop and not on the TV. Everything worked fine with Windows 7 so I know it’s not the TV or the HDMI cable.
    Aunty Says:
    This could well be a driver problem James so go to the Acer website and follow the link to the support section where you can enter the model of your laptop and download the latest Win 10 drivers for your graphics card. Once installed connect everything up and run the “wizard” that should auto detect everything and help set things up.

    Glen via email asks:
    Hi Aunty I have a minor but annoying problem. When I try to open a PDF attachment (which is an email factura from Agamed) a popup window appears saying to “choose the program you want to use to open this file” I always choose Adobe Acrobat and everything is fine but how do I stop this asking me every time?
    Aunty Says:
    Hello Glen. When the popup window appears there should also be a small box you can tick to ‘always use the selected program’ which will permanently set Windows to automatically use Adobe to open any PDF files. You can also do this to control which app opens for pictures, films and music files.


    That’s all for this week, email you questions to and I will see what I can do.

  • Aunty Virus 28th August 2014

    Alan via email asks:
    Hi Aunty. I recently upgraded my Windows 8 to 8.1 but since then I have had a number of issues, the worst being unable to open Windows Live Mail. A large display comes up with a message “Auth Wnd Class entry point not found MSVCP.dll” and the message will only close if shut down system. Could you help me please?
    Aunty Says:
    Hello Alan. I think this message is popping up because the new Windows 8.1 update is not compatible with the older version of Windows Essentials, which includes Live Mail. Go to and type “live” into the search box and then follow the link to the Live Essential download. After it has downloaded and run you should get a Repair option and this should do the trick. Let me know how you get on.

    Andy via email asks:
    Hi Aunty. Can you advise me please on how to get Windows defender up and running on my Windows 8.1 HP laptop? Every time I try I get a message that this application is turned off.  I then follow the online instructions to try and turn it on but cannot actually get it to do so. I am already using AVG and Super anti-Spyware. Could this be preventing me from using Defender?  And do you think that Defender would be an advantage over the other two programmes? Would appreciate any advice you can give me.
    Aunty Says:
    Hi Andy. Yes AVG will be stopping Windows Defender from running, and I personally would uninstall AVG via Control Panel and use Microsoft’s Defender as your anti virus program. I don’t think there is much to distinguish between SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes but you should also have one of these alongside Defender and keep it updated and do a weekly scan.
    Ken via email asks:
    Hello Aunty. I can't convert videos in Torrents in any other format than MP4, as all the other formats just scramble/break into bits. Can you solve this problem in idiot form for us?
    Aunty Says:
    Hi Ken. This is a huge and complicated subject so I will just give you a few pointers and maybe you can follow it up with a bit of Google research. When you download films from Bit Torrent websites such as Piratebay, Kickasstorrents or Torrentz, you first need to look at what video format the film has been uploaded as. The most common ones you tend to see are MP4, AVI, DivX, Xvid and MKV and I tend to stick to AVI or DivX because I can simply copy them to a USB stick and they will play on my TV. If they don’t play properly I will simply download a different torrent. If you are watching the videos on your computer and you are experiencing picture or sound problems then you may want to try the latest VLC Player from as this free app seems to play most formats.

    That’s it for this week, email me with your questions and problems at and I will see what I can do.
  • Aunty Virus 21st October 2014

    Carol via Facebook asks:
    What anti virus and malware project would you recommend please? My computer has quite a few threats according to 2 or 3 free downloads that I have tried but all say different things. Your guidance would be much appreciated.
    Aunty Says:
    Hi Carol. I use the free MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) on my Windows7 & Vista machines which seems to do a fine job protecting me from virus and trojans. I also use the free edition of Malwarebytes for spyware, and I update and scan weekly with both. On my Windows 8 machine I have Windows Defender (the new name for MSE) which comes built into Win8 plus I use the same free Malwarebytes. Be careful with warnings and alerts from some of the other security apps as there is a plague of bogus programs that try and trick you into downloading and paying for something that you do not need. If in doubt drop me a line.
    Martin via email asks:
    Hi Aunty. I have just read your item on the new Zone Alarm Antivirus and it reminded me that in the last couple of days I have regularly been getting a message 'Policia Atencion' coming up (screen print copy attached) and it will only get removed using Task Manager. Each time it appears it is from a different website. Any ideas on what is it and more importantly, how do I get rid of it?
    Aunty Says:
    Hi Martin. This nasty bit of work has been doing the rounds for a few years and has appeared in many different forms. Originally it professed to be from the FBI and warned the unsuspecting user that illegal copyright or porn activity had been detected on the computer, but if they paid $100 they would get off with just a warning. The virus writers then adapted it to include the Metropolitan Police, Interpol and Guardia Civil. It is a very scary and authentic looking popup and I know plenty of folk who have paid the fee even though they have not been misbehaving. It is a really tricky virus to remove completely so maybe give it a go with your favourite antivirus program and Malwarebytes and if this fails then give one of the guys at eNET Computers a call as I know they have dealt with this one.
    Ian via email asks:
    Hi Aunty. Yesterday I lost all wireless contact, is it possible to download a driver for my Toshiba laptop or is this too risky for a novice?
    Aunty Says:
    Hi Ian. If you are 100% sure the problem is with your computer’s wifi adaptor then downloading the correct driver for your machine may fix the problem, it can be a bit tricky but if it’s not working then installing the latest driver can’t make it any worse. You will need to find the exact model number of your laptop (usually on a sticker underneath) and enter it on the support section of the Toshiba website. To make things unnecessarily difficult, the exact same model of laptop could have a different brand of wifi adaptor so you may need to try a few until you get a result.

    Well that’s all for this week. Email me at and I will see what I can do.
  • Aunty Virus 4th October 2014

    Steve via email asks:
    Hi Aunty. I have a very good spec laptop but unfortunately I bought it just before Windows Vista was replaced with Windows7. I do not want Windows8 as I have used it on a friend’s laptop and I simply cannot find my way around it. I have been quoted for an upgrade to Windows7 but at the same time was advised to hang on for the new Windows 9. On Monday I was just about to drop my laptop off with the engineer but was advised by a friend in the US to hold on and that Windows 9 will not be released and instead Microsoft will go straight to Windows 10. What or who should I believe? I don’t want to go through the hassle (and cost) of upgrading my Vista only to be told “Oh dear, you should’ve hung on.....” Thanks in advance.
    Aunty Says:
    Hi Steve. This is Microsoft we are talking about so who knows what will happen? I personally think Microsoft will skip Win9 and go straight to Win10 around the first quarter of 2015. I have a test Beta copy of Windows 10 which I have just installed but I can’t really say much about it yet. It definitely seems fast, and is much easier to use than Win8, but the best thing I have seen so far is the old Vista/Win7 style ‘start’ button is back! Why it was ever left out from Win8 will always puzzle me.


    Brian via email asks:
    Hi Aunty and thank you for all your help. One question - following your answer re: Adobe, when I went to install Adobe it said I must close Skype and yahoo messenger, how do I actually close these programmes please?
    Aunty Says:
    Hello Brian. Skype and Yahoo messenger should have a small icon in the bottom right corner of your screen which you can normally control with a right click of the mouse.


    Frank via email asks:
    Hi Aunty. Mine is a minor problem, but an annoying one.  I use an HP Deskjet 1050 printer, and when I use it to print colour photos from my computer (Windows XP), the ink tends to stay "wet" for several days on the printed copy.  This is more noticeable with the black content, but all the colours are far from touchable.  The ink cartridges are HP ones, and recently installed, and I have tried printing on various grades of photographic paper of top quality (Satin, Gloss etc) but always with the same result. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Aunty Says:
    Hi Frank. I can only think that the paper you have tried so far isn’t compatible with your printer/ink. Have you tried HP’s own ‘Advance photo’ paper? I do recall having some terrible smudging problem with my Epson printer and it turned out that I was putting the photo paper in the wrong side up!

    Well that’s all for this week. Email me at and I will do my best to get you sorted out.


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