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Pat via email asks:
I'm wondering if you can help with this problem. Since doing a Windows 10 update I have had quite a few problems which have escalated and left my laptop unusable. These included loss of sound, problems starting games in the App Store and really slow internet. Everything was fine last week until I had a message that Windows was installing updates and that seems to be when the problems started. Now on start up I get this error message: "The Group Policy Client service failed the sign-in. And I can’t use my computer.
Aunty Says:
These kind of problems seem to be more and more common at the moment Pat and I can only assume that Microsoft have released some seriously flaky Windows updates. Make sure you have a copy of all of your personal documents and pictures on an external disk or USB stick and try the Reset Windows option. Click in the search bar by the Windows icon (bottom left) and type RESET. Click on “reset this PC” and the “get started” button. Chose the “keep my files” option and follow the step-by-step instructions. If you’re not confident doing this let me know and I will point you in the right direction.

Bill from La Marina asks:
Hi Aunty. I bought a laptop which is nearly a year old and Has Windows 10 and I was “advised” by the man in the shop that I pay extra to have McAfee antivirus installed for 1 year and now have to decide whether to pay €40 to continue with it for another year. Do you think it would be worth the expense or should I subscribe to an alternative or maybe a free one? 
Aunty Says:
Hi Bill. I’m not a big fan of McAfee mainly due to the overhead it has on your computer, plus there are a huge number of good freebies available, and as always I recommend sticking with the Windows Defender that comes bundled with Window 10. You will need to uninstall McAfee from “settings” “apps” and Defender should automatically kick in. Also Install the free Malwarebytes for adware and spyware protection and you should be fine.

Joan from Torrevieja asks:
Dear Aunty. How easy is it to replace or upgrade the speakers and microphone on my old HP laptop with Windows 7? I regularly use Skype to chat with my family in the UK but quite often the sound quality isn’t great and the calls frequently get disconnected.
Aunty Says:
Hello Joan. This is easiest with a headphone/mic set which you can pick up for around €20 for a good brand. They will plug into the two small inputs on the side/back of your laptop (which should be marked with a small headphone and mic symbol) or for a few Euros more you can get a USB set. This will definately improve the sound quality but if you are getting regularly disconnected or your calls/video breaks up, then you may find you have a slow or unsteady internet connection. Try using Skype with the video off and see if this improves the quality and also visit to check your download and upload speeds.

Any questions then email me at"> See you all next week.

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