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Susan from Montesinos  asks:
Hi Aunty. When I open an email I keep running into problems when I try to print it. The email can be read ok but I can’t see any options to print it. I am using Google Chrome and my email is with Hotmail. I used to be able to simply click on a print icon but this has recently disappeared and the whole screen looks completely different.
Aunty Says:
Hello Susan. I think Microsoft have yet again changed the layout of their email system and the print button will likely be hidden behind some kind of dropdown menu. Luckily holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the ‘P’ key will still bring up the good old print function (works with all versions of Windows) so try this and let me know how you get on.

Ben via email asks:
Hello Aunty, can you help me please? I want to get Windows Defender up and running on my Windows 10 laptop but every time I try, I get a message that “this application is turned off”.  I have followed your previous instructions and also the online help websites but I can’t seem to get it to behave. I am using the free Avast and Malwarebytes so could this be preventing me from using Windows Defender and do you think that Defender would be better than the other two programmes? Any help would be very much appreciate.
Aunty Says:
Hi Ben. Yes Avast will be stopping Windows Defender from running and you can easily uninstall it from Add/remove programs (type PROGRAMS into the Windows search box) Microsoft’s Windows Defender is perfectly adequate as your antivirus program, but also keep on using Malwarebytes as the two apps target different kinds of infections.

Maria via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I have an old Dell laptop with Window Vista and i keep getting a Low Disc Space message each time I start the laptop. I have done the recommended disk clean up procedure but it makes no difference. I have uninstalled any unwanted programs and I now only have 12 programs installed. I have copied all photos etc to a USB stick as and files. Also I cannot uninstall the yahoo browser and replace with Google Chrome. Your advice would be appreciated.
Aunty Says:
I think it is time to splash out on a new laptop Maria. This problem could take forever to fix and will probably reoccur plus Windows Vista has long been discontinued, and using it presents all kinds of security risks.

Vince from La Zenia asks:
Hi Aunty, I have a 2 year old Samsung laptop and I am having an annoying problem with it shutting down for no apparent reason and I have to restart it again with the on/off button. It will often go into a Windows automatic repair which can take 20 minutes to complete.
Aunty Says:
Hello Vince. Normally when a laptop consistently switches off this is a sign it is overheating or there is a hardware problem. Try blowing any dust & fluff from the air vents underneath and around the sides and also try propping the back up slightly so cool air can flow underneath. If your problem happens randomly then maybe also check you don’t have a loose connection where the power charger is plugged in. Keep me posted.

Any questions you can email me at"> and hopefully see you all next week.

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