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Sue via email asks:
Hi Aunty, I hope you can help. I have an Apple Mac laptop which has worked fine until recently when I returned from the UK to Spain. Now when I want to send a message I get an error that says “the password or outgoing server settings may need changing”.  I haven't changed anything and my password is definitely correct.  I can use the passwords on the MSN website and on my iPhone and iPad. Any help would be greatly appreciated because although I can get into my mail on my laptop through MSN it is inconvenient and I have difficulty sending attachments because they are all in Pages.
Aunty Says:
Hello Sue. Unfortunately Microsoft are forever messing around with their email systems and I suspect this is what has happened with your MSN account. If you go to the website and enter your MSN email address you will get a list of all the correct settings that you can check against the ones you have setup in your Mail app on your Macbook. There is also an option to add a new account in Apple Mail which is via “Preferences” “Accounts” and click the plus sign beneath the accounts list. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

Meg via email asks:
I unplugged my 32GB USB stick from my laptop without ejecting it properly and now every time I plug it in, Windows says there are errors that need fixing. I click on the Scan & Fix message which it finishes after around 20 minutes but it does this every time and it terribly annoying. Is this something I can fix permanently? I never normally unplug my USB stick without ejecting it properly but I thought Windows had closed properly but it was still running 10 minutes after I had shut down.
Aunty Says:

Hi Meg. There are loads of free tools available that can check and fix errors on USB sticks but personally once they show any signs of playing up I ditch them, and for under €10 for a 32GB it’s not worth risking losing your data. As you know we must always use the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the bottom right corner (maybe need to click the tiny arrow to see it) but sometimes even doing this doesn’t always work & like most things electronic these days, it is probably made in China and will just go wrong.

Gavin from La Mata asks:
Hello Aunty. I keep getting a message saying “OneDrive cannot sync with the server” I don’t know what Onedrive is and how it got on to my laptop as I haven’t installed it myself, is this some type of spyware?
Aunty Says:
Hello Gavin. OneDrive is a Microsoft product which now comes bundled with Windows is simply a internet storage service (The Cloud) where you can upload files and photos and maybe share them with your phone etc. If you don’t want to use this service you can switch it off in Windows 10 by right clicking on the small cloud icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop and go to “settings” where you can stop OneDrive automatically starting.

Any questions you can email me at"> and I’ll see you all next week.

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