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Bill from Quesada asks:
Hello Aunty. When I turn on my laptop all of a sudden this last week I get a message that my copy of Windows needs activating and will expire in 30 days. To activate I need to enter a product key which it says should be on the box that it came in, or via email when I bought Windows, but I don’t have a product key anywhere, I’ve even looked for  a sticker somewhere on the computer. Something similar happened a few years ago and I took the computer to a local shop where they installed a new product key but unfortunately they are no longer there, and when I re-entered the number they gave me it said the key didn't work. I have an HP laptop that came with Windows 7 but I upgraded (free) to Windows 10.
Aunty Says:
This is a strange problem to just start out of the blue Bill. Normally you shouldn't need to enter a key for Windows 10 as the activation process is sort of built into the computers circuitry, and for this reason you no longer get a product key. If it is asking for any kind of key (or suggests it is going to expire) then maybe the original Windows 7 was a dodgy copy and the new Windows 10 update has only just spotted this. ‘m not 100% sure so I will need to do a little research Bill and I will be in touch.

James from San Luis asks:
Hi Aunty. I am having a problem trying to stop a website from appearing whenever I go on the Internet, it keeps popping up whatever I am doing and I have to close Chrome to get rid of it. I have also noticed my internet keeps slowing down and occasionally my computer will lock up and I have to pop the battery out to get it to restart.
Aunty Says:
Hello James. This is likely some nasty spyware or a virus on your computer so make sure you have an updated copy of your antivirus and MalwareBytes and do a full scan. Once sorted maybe install the adblock extension for Chrome from that will trap any spyware that tries to get onto your computer.

Barbara via email asks:
Hello Aunty. Since Saturday after Skype recently updated itself I’m unable to access Skype from my normal desktop icon. I have uninstalled reinstalled Skype but I keep getting a message “unable to access the download server”. I have tried contacting Skype for help but they want to remotely access my computer but I¡ve been told that is not safe. Any suggestions?
Aunty Says:
Hello Barbara. If you go to the Skype website and download the latest Skype for Windows this should guarantee a fresh install with the very latest version. If this fails then there may be some remnants of an unsuccessful previous install that is causing problems. There are some free uninstaller programs that go beyond the normal Windows “Uninstall a Program” so let me know if the above works.

That’s all for this week, email me your problems to and I will see what I can do.


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